Accessing .Onion sites N The Deep Web

The Invisible Web or the Deep Web means the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Though search Engines like Google can crawl most parts of the web but still pages of private networks of organizations or library databases are not normally crawled by search engines.

As per wikipedia page on Deep Web it is stated the size of the open web is 167 terabytes. The Invisible Web is estimated at 91,000 terabytes. It is estimated that the invisible web is at least 500 times the size of the visible web. Commercial search engines index only the the visible web, it can be represented by a iceberg where you can only see the part which is visible above the water. As with any other iceberg though, the majority is below the surface. Surfing it is not easy as we normally do for sites but it’s a collection of Wikis & links which you need to go through.

So “how do I access this sites?  The first thing what you need a system to  communicate anonymously, the most popular being Tor (The Onion Router). Once you are running Tor you merely type in a .onion address (Deep Web address) and you are there! All .onion addresses are anonymous, and it is near impossible to trace the original user.

 So what kind of website that deep web (or in this context, Tor hidden services) has? From usual content like blogs and forums , Tor-enabled instant messaging and chat, anonymous file and image hosting, anonymous financing, , information on computer security/anonymity, pdf, music or movies sharing, , links to international drug markets, , assassin markets, black market products, and child pornography. Possession of deep web contents could throw you into prison. So be sure to click on the links & specially it is suggested not to click any link makred as “CP”.

Speaking of dark market we cannot avoid to mention Silk Road web site( THE CURRENT URL), an online marketplace located in the Deep Web, the majority of its products are derived from illegal activities like arms drugs. Of course it’s not the only one, many other markets as this.

Also there are good uses of .onion sites, for example, a political activist in a repressive country or a whistleblower could use a .onion site to upload and share sensitive data or communicate anonymously. You cannot trust all the sites inside deep web. Some might have virus or trojan or malicious javascript code to steal your private information.

Most transactions on the Deep Web accept BitCoinsystem for payments allowing the purchase of any kind of products preserving the anonymity of the transaction,

Accessing Onion Sites

The most easy way to access onion sites is Tor Browser. just install the Tor browser bundle, it includes a modified version of Firefox with Tor and other settings preconfigured. After downloading the Tor browser bundle, run the .exe file to extract it and double-click the “Start Tor Browser.exe” file in the extracted folder. Or else if you a bit more techie you download the Vidalia bundle you have to configure your browser’s proxy to localhost port 8118 & use it.

The Tor Directory link will take you to a directory of .onion sites, which you can browse by category or search. There’s also a link to talk.Masked, an anonymous post board for anonymous discussions.



The Hidden Wiki & .Onion Links
The Hidden Wiki’s link is this , & also you can visit the top Official onion links list 2012 HERE.  But while surfing . onion sites you should take some precautions as :

# turn of javascript and cookies on your browser
# Don’t go around clicking every links you could see, avoid links marked as “CP”

So you can test & surf some parts of the web which maybe you have not visited before!! happy surfing!



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Microsoft releases with built-in Skype

Microsoft a fresh redesigned webmail service with built-in Skype integration called Outlook which users can use in place of the old Hotmail, surely after some time microsoft will replace it with Hotmail as the default mail application. The new web mail has some  great features are available in the current Hotmail and in comparable form on Gmail and other emails  like Yahoo, but the best part is the clean & nice interface with  nice contextual menus & user-friendly interface.

Some of the important features are :

#  automated newsletters, shipping updates gets easily categorized, which you can keep or delete.
# You can easily apply rules by individual ids or a full folder.
# Import contacts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Gmail,& you can access the contacts easily while composing mail.
# You can quickly start a live chat with someone using Facebook. Moreover when you click on an email from somebody you are Facebook friends with or following in Twitter, their status appears to the right of the note.
# Linkedin Integration
# Also a new People contacts manager and a fresh new SkyDrive interface as well.

So though it is in progress, it’s worthwhile to look at it, as a great feature skype would be also added in this soon. So to get a start with this head over to, or log into your Hotmail and click on the Options button.

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Best SEO Plugins & Ways to Improve Search Engine Rankings for Magento

The Magento e-commerce solutions is one of the most popular Ecommerce solutions, but doing SEO for Magento needs some tips & tricks & also you may need to install some plugins.

Magento SEO Optimization Checklist

1. Homepage Title and Meta tag Optimization

Magneto Back-End Option:
System > Configuration > Design > Html Head
Leave Title Prefix and Title Suffix fields otherwise will be visible in other pages too.

2. Title and Meta tag Optimization of category and product pages

Magneto Back-End Option:
System > Configuration > Catalog > Manage Categories

3. URL Optimization

You can set the URL’s as per the name of the product or category.
Magneto Back-End Option:
System > Configuration > Catalog > Search Engine Optimization
Now enable “Use categories path for product URL’s” or set it to yes.

4. Xml Sitemap generation
Magento has its own Google XML sitemap generator that you can use to easily create and submit an XML sitemap to Google.
Magneto Back-End Option:
System > Configuration > Catalog > Google Sitemap > Add Sitemap

5. Robots.txt file
By using robots.txt file we can allow and disallow search engines which directory or pages search engines can index and what not. Add your site map in robots.txt file as Sitemap: A typical Magneto robots.txt example – apart from this use of header tags (h1,h2), bold your keywords, make keywords as a anchor text, and add alt text to images.

These are some of the free & paid Magento Plugins

Canonical URL for Magento


SEO Suite Pro

SEO Suite Enterprise



Ultimate SEO Suite

Advanced Sitemap

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Note to Indian Ecommrce Sites – Marketing or Burning VC Cash?

There seems a mad rush in Indian E-commerce sites to grab the first pie, it’s great to be aggressive in running marketing campaigns all over web & media but companies should check how they are spending the money. Recently Jabong is seen over over the net doing rounds of web advertising & TV promotions. This just caught my eye in Google Ads-  they are running PPC ads on “satya paul sarees” & the landing page they are using is for Mens TIES! (! god I understand they have lot of VC money to spend at will but it’s like burning cash like mad! No wonder VC’s are re-thinking on the credibility of running online business by Indian E-commerce sites in long run! Cash rich  companies like Jabong  should at-least try to spend on time on research & technology rather than spending use lessly on ads which would hardly give any ROI.

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Top WordPress Free N Paid Newsletter Plugins

Here is a list of top wordpress newsletter plugins

Premium WordPress Newsletter Plugins

subscribers magnet plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogSubscribers Magnet – A premium WordPress newsletter subscription plugin that makes it easy to create subscription optin forms and place them strategically throughout your WP blog. You can add forms to your sidebar, within posts or pages, or in your comments section. The real power of this WordPress subscription plugin is that it can automatically import the user’s name and email into the forms so that all the visitor has to do is click the subscribe button. Other additional features include double optin capabilities, popin forms, and a custom footer bar signup form. Some of these forms can also be limited to show only a certain amount of times per user.


newsletter booster plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogNewsletter Booster – This is another premium WordPress newsletter plugin that attempts to assist you in gathering more subscribers. Once it’s installed and activated on your WP site, it adds a subscription check box to your login page and comments section. Thus, when a new visitor logs in or tries to comment all he/she has to do is check that signup box to subscribe to your newsletter. There’s even a settings panel that allows you to format the text and the look and feel of the optin check box.


newsletter plugin for wordpress Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogWordPress Newsletter Plugin – Tribulant’s premium WP newsletter plugin is much more than a simple subscription plugin designed to help you increase your subscriber rate. It’s a full blown email marketing tool that lets you create and send newsletters directly from your WordPress site. This can be especially desirable since email marketing services can become quite expensive depending on how many emails you send and the number of subscribers you have in your mailing list. Saving you money isn’t the only benefit of this premium newsletter plugin. The plethora of features that it offers includes subscriber statistics, free or paid subscription plans, email scheduling, PayPal integration, the ability to create multiple mailing lists, newsletter templates, email queue, automatic and manual import and export of subscribers via CSV, add custom fields to forms, sidebar newsletter widgets, send HTML newsletters, subscriber management panel, mailing list stats, embeddable optin forms that can be placed anywhere on your WP site, email history, add attachments to emails, Gmail SMTP capabilities, compatible with WordPress MU, email tracking, POP and IMAP bounce handling, unlimited subscribers and contacts, ability to display banner ads to subscribers, AJAX integration, SMTP authentication, send post as a newsletter, off-site subscription forms, and bounce email management functionality.


standout comments plugin Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogStandout Comments – A premium WordPress subscription plugin that adds extra optin subscription sign-up functionality to your WP blog. Check box forms are added to your comments section so you can easily capture a commenter’s email address if he or she wishes to subscribe to your newsletter. Other features include sharing buttons, banner ad placements, tweetback tracking, and an administration panel to easily change the plugin’s settings.

 Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

mail press Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogMailPress – A free newsletter plugin that comes with a ton of awesome features that’s available for download at the WordPress repository. MailPress was initially created so that admins could customize the look of all emails sent by your WordPress blog. Since its inception however it has grown to offer several other features and extra add-on functionality. Admins can not only customize WP emails but create full newsletters, custom email notifications for new posts, comment subscriptions, HTML or plain text emails, email themes/templates, double optin forms, regular signup forms, autoresponders, and multiple mailing lists. The plugin add-ons permit handling of bounced emails, importing emails, user roles and capabilities, phpmail, sendmail, email tracking, image and video uploads, and the ability to batch send emails. It’s truly one of the most ambitiously developed free newsletter plugins that’s currently available. The only downside of this plugin is that you have to manually update it to prevent losing any customizations you’ve made to MailPress.

newsletter Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogNewsletter – A popular free WordPress subscription plugin that enhances your ability to collect newsletter subscribers. The Newsletter plugin offers single or double opt-in subscription options plus the ability to totally customize what the user sees when he/she subscribes or unsubscribes. A text editor is included to permit the admin to create custom newsletters that can be personalized with each subscribers name.

mail chimp Best Free, Premium WordPress Newsletter Subscription Plugins For Your WP BlogMailChimp List Subscribe Form – Another free WordPress subscription plugin to help you get your newsletter subscription signup form up and running. This is really just a simple WP subscription plugin that makes newsletter form creation for MailChimp’s email marketing service easier in WordPress. In practically no time you’ll be able to create your newsletter subscription form for MailChimp and add it to your WP sidebar via a widget. It’s not chocked full of extra features but it does get the job done. Why MailChimp you ask? Well, for one reason, they offer free services for mailing lists with less than 500 subscribers or 3000 emails which makes them perfect for newsletter virgins. More benefits include competitive pricing, lots of features, an intuitive user interface, the ability to fully customize your newsletter with ease.


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