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Best Web Traffic Visualization Tools

We all use some kind of analytics tools like Google Analytics, StatCounter or any kind of similar tools to measure page views, traffic sources, visitor locations & a whole bunch of information. But sometimes we need some more info than… continue reading »

6 Best Self Hosted Blog Platforms As WordPress Alternatives For Blogging

WordPress is by far the the most popular blog platform. But being the  the most popular one so nowways lot of hackers are targeting WP blogs & you need to upgradeand fix it quite often. so I was looking for… continue reading »

Top 10 Link Baiting Guides By Industry Experts

The term ‘linkbait’ is a process or tool for websites designed to “lure” or generate incoming links to a particular site. It is there for the purpose of attracting users to a particular site or post. Link baiting also hels… continue reading »

How To Pitch A VC For Your Startup

If you are running a startup & looking for VC funding, you need to pitch your product at startup events & to investorspitching.. It’s very important that your presentaion has a good inpact on your lice audience. Here’s a great… continue reading »